Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Maybe He Should Have Tooted Louder

Sven was taking his hotrod for a spin when he saw little Ole trying to peddle his bicycle up a long steep hill. He decided to have some fun and told his nephew that he had a rope and could pull him up the hill. Little Ole agreed and Sven told him the he would go slow. He also told him that if he went too fast that little Ole should toot at him with his bicycle horn mounted on the handle bars.

Sven started out slowly but little by little picked up speed. When he got going too fast for little Ole to jump off he decided to have some real fun. He put the gas peddle to the floor and let the engine go wide open. As they went over the top of the hill there was a police car on the other side with a radar unit.

The officer radioed in, "Sarge, You won't believe this. I just clocked that crazy Sven in his hotrod going a hundred and ten."

The Sargent replied, " What's so hard to believe about that?"

The patrol officer then said, "Little Ole was on a bicycle behind him tooting his horn so he can pass!"

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