Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sven and Ole have a Multicultural Experience

Sven and Ole went bungee jumping at the county fair and really loved it.
Afterward, Sven look at Ole and said "You know what, Ole? We should buy some equipment and go down to Mexico. Dey don't have bungee jumping down dere and we could make a fortune!"

"Dat's a very good idea Sven. Let's do dat."

So Sven and Ole bought all the necessary equipment and went down to a small village in Mexico. As they began to set up the tower in the village square, a crowd started to form. When they were finished they went up to the top and Olie fastened himself to the cord and jumped off. When he came back up, Sven noticed he had some bruises and abrasions. He tried to catch Ole but missed.

Ole went back down, and this time when he came up he was bleeding and battered. Sven tried to catch him again but missed. Down went Olie!

When he came back up he was barely conscious and one his arms was broken. This time Sven managed to catch him, and pull him onto the tower.

"Ole!! Vhat happened? Was da cord too long?"

"No, Sven, da cord is fine. Da crowd did dis to me. Sven, I have a question."

"Yes, Ole? Vhat is it?"

"What in da world is a pinyata?"

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