Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ole and Lena's Wedding Night

Ole and Lena are about to get married when his buddy Sven takes him out for a night on the town. While they're at the bar, Sven told Ole "Dere's one thing you gotta do right off - Lena needs to know who wear's da pants in da house."

So Ole and Lena get married. That night, Ole handed Lena his pants and asked her to try them on.

Lena looks at him quizzically and dons his trousers. Of course, they're too big and promptly fall to the floor.

"I can't wear dese Ole."

"Dats right woman, and dont forget it neither."

Lena looked at Ole for a long moment, then grabs a pair of panties and asked him to put them on. Of course, they're too small and they don't fit.

"I cant get into dese Lena."

"Dat's right you sonofabitch and you won't be until you're attitude changes!"

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