Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ole's New Truck

Sven was walking down the street one day he sees his best friend Ole driving a brand new Ford pickup.

"Ole!! Where in da world did you get dis new truck?!"

Ole smiled. "Lena gave it to me."

"LENA? Ole, I knew she was sweet on ya, but dis? Why did she give it to you?"

"Well, Sven, it vas like dis: We were out driving last night and we parked in a quiet little spot down by da river. We were snuggling close when all of a sudden Lena took off all her clothes and said 'Ole, take whatever you want!' So... I took da truck."

Sven thought about this for a few seconds and said "Ole, you are a very smart man. Dem clothes NEVER would of fit ya."

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