Thursday, May 10, 2012

That's Why You Should Never Serve Cabbage with Lutefisk

Ole and Lena had Mr. and Mrs. Thorvald over for lutefisk. Lena knew that Mr. Thorvald liked his lutefisk with lots of melted butter and black pepper. After the company had gone home, Lena made a terrible discovery. She had served Mr. Thorvald gunpowder instead of black pepper! Vell, it vas too late to call or go over, so Lena lay awake all night vorrying.

Early the next morning she called the Thorvalds. "Oh, Mr. Thorvald," said Lena, "I've done a terrible ting. Last night I served you gunpowder instead of black pepper vith the lutefisk." "Oh, tank God!" said Mr. Thorvald. "Dot explains it all!" "Explains vat?" asked Lena. "Vell, ven ve got home, I bent over to untie my shoe, and I shot the cat!"

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